At JJ Construction, the term “full-service” means complete top-to-bottom services for your home – starting with the roof. A home’s roof takes a beating from the elements year after year, especially in the New England area. So it’s important to make sure that yours is not only repaired or replaced as needed, but done correctly and with the highest quality materials available. Keep your home dry, energy efficient, and secure – call the home building experts at JJ Construction today.


Hot, sunny Summer months and cold, harsh Winter winds take a toll on your home’s siding. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can be all your siding needs, but in many cases a full replacement is necessary. Whether you prefer the beauty of wood siding, or the low maintenance of vinyl and composites, we have the experience to install the siding of your choice. The longer your siding sits damaged, the more likely it is for insects or even mold to set in. Call the experts at JJ Construction today for a free no obligation estimate!


Never underestimate the impact having the right windows can have on your home. Windows that do not fit properly, are sealed improperly, or are simply not the right size for a room affect the natural light in a room and energy efficiency. That means your room will be darker, colder, and cost you money! Our team is meticulous with measurements, selection, and sealing of each window installed in your home. We strive for perfect natural lighting, and tolerate no drafts!





Preferred Vendors

At JJ Construction we have a commitment to our high standards of quality. Because of that, we only use top name brand materials for every project to ensure only the best results for our clients.

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A Commitment To Excellence

Whether you’re building a new home, considering a whole-home renovation, or planning a small remodel you can put your trust in the team at JJ Construction. With over 30 years of industry experience, our high-quality results are built to last.