Exterior Renovations


Unless you have water leaking inside your home, you probably don't think much about your roof. However, excessive damage can occur to roof decking and framing due to an unsuspecting roof leak.

If your roof is over 20 years old it may be time for replacement. We have completed hundreds of roofing projects from asphalt shingles, slate and wood shingles.

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Often times a fresh coat of paint is all your siding needs, but in many cases siding replacement is necessary.

Whether you prefer the beauty of wood siding or the low maintainance of vinyl and composites, we have the experience to install the siding of your choice.

Wood siding allows you to design limitless trim details and color choices.

Vinyl and composite sidings have design and color limitations but are virtually maintainance free.

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Mastic Home Exteriors


When your windows become drafty and difficult to operate it is likely time to replace them.

Replacement window options include all-vinyl windows, all-wood windows or a combination of both.

All-vinyl windows offer a maintainance free, energy efficient, smooth operating solution to your existing window problems.

All-wood windows provide a beautiful window to maintain the integrity and/or historical value of your home, giving you the option of exterior and interior finishes you desire.

The combination exterior clad/interior wood solves thje problem of exterior maintainance while giving you limitless options for interior finishing.

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